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"Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself", Wilhelm Grotrian once said to his sons Kurt and Willi and thereby phrased one of the most important mottos for the GROTRIAN company. When you listen to the sound of a GROTRIAN you will notice that there is much more behind it: a love for music.

All GROTRIAN upright and grand pianos are completely built in our factory in Braunschweig. 75% of each instrument is made by hand! To build pianos with less effort would mean that they would never reach the high quality and stability expected in a GROTRIAN piano, nor would they sound so beautiful.

How is a GROTRIAN made? We don't hide our production process, quite the opposite, we are proud of it. The only element that is kept secret is the manufacturing of the soundboard and its mounting to the piano which is how we achieve the unique sound of a GROTRIAN.

Our love for music reaches beyond building excellent pianos. We are committed to supporting young talent, to help facilitate a good musical education, to build networks and to pass on knowledge about music and history.

Everybody who decides on a GROTRIAN instrument takes a decision for years to come. Both the solid construction and the deep of detail within the manufacture guarantee that you will enjoy your piano for a long time. That's why GROTRIAN maintains special relationships with its clients and offers a wide range of additional services.

It is important to us to be in contact with anyone interested in playing a Grotrian or who already owns one.

Because we love music.
Weil wir die Musik lieben.
Car nous aimons la musique.