Grotrian-Steinweg Silentsystem

There are moments when silence is more important than the excellent sound of a GROTRIAN. This is why all GROTRIAN pianos can be equipped with the GROTRIAN acoustics digital-piano. A special silent rail is fitted in the action to separate the action from the acoustical system. The silent mode is activated by a small hand-lever beneath the keyboard.

The sampling is executed by an optical system which is mounted under the keys. This means there is no mechanical connection and thereby no change in the levers of the action. Finally the touch of a GROTRIAN is not influenced by the Silent-system.

The optically generated signals get digitalised and are then processed into MIDI. The control unit contains AUX, USB and MIDI connection.

Only Grotrian installs the Silent System so that it can, if required, be completely removed. Neither the installation nor the removal damages other components of the instrument, for example the soundboard.