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First Choice: »From now on this piano and no other«, said the celebrated pianist Clara Schumann after playing a GROTRIAN. She was not the only one: many well-known musicians and composers prefer GROTRIAN instruments from Braunschweig (Germany).

Drawing Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann

Clara SchumannClara Schumann was very famous and named together with Chopin and Liszt. As the wife of Robert Schumann she made his compositions known all over Europe by her. She played for Goethe, was acquainted with Paganini and Brahms. She played her concerts solely on her own Grotrian piano. This very piano today is part of the collection of historic instruments in the municipal museum of Braunschweig.

Paul Hindemith

Paul HindemithPaul Hindemith described his love for Grotrian with the following words: »One time a Grotrian admirer, always ditto. I have been starting with this very early.«His compositions count to the most exceptional ones of that time. Family Hindemith was in good and creative pen friend correspondence with family Grotrian.

Ivo Pogorelich

Ivo PogorelichSince the 1980’s Ivo Pogorelich is one of the most demanded concert pianists in the world. His playing is sophisticated and he knows how to create nuance of tone. He enjoys his own Grotrian Concert 225 which is located in his summer residence. He often expresses his compliments to Grotrian.

Julie Andrews

Julie AndrewsJulie Andrews is a singer and an actress. In 1965 she received an Oscar for her role in the film »Mary Poppins« She published several recordings with original and classic popular songs.

Jean Francaix

Jean FrancaixThe pianist and composer Jean Francaix broke through at only 20 years of age with his Concertino for Piano. He became known with his concerts for harpsichord, piano and organ. He said: »My wonderful piano, at the same time powerful and poetical.«

Jacques Loussier

Jacques Loussier»After this impressive production tour I understand the quality of Grotrian instruments which I hopefully may play very often,« said Jaques Loussier during his visit to the Grotrian factory in 2005. As the founder of the Play Bach trio which became famous by Bach Jazz interpretations he is very skilled with different piano makes.

Wilhelm Kempff

Wilhelm Kempff»I have the impression that the Grotrian arose from the ruins to new shine relating richness of sound and delicacy of sound«, stated Wilhelm Kempff in the 1950’s after the Grotrian factory was rebuilt after the Second World War. Wilhelm Kempff’s recitals were celebrated all over the world. He mainly received this success by his interpretations of Schumann and Brahms.

Garrick Ohlsson

Garrick OhlssonIn 2008 Garrick Ohlsson received a Grammy award for the best performance as the best solo performer without orchestra. The pianist preferred to use the word »admiration« for Grotrian instruments.

Walter Gieseking

Walter GiesekingWalter Gieseking found a Grotrian instrument to be the most cultivated piano in the world. Gieseking was not only known for his famous playing of Debussy and Mozart but he developed the Leimer-Gieseking-Method: This method means muscle relaxation, memory training and adhering to the original music text.

Hans Werner Henze

Hans Werner HenzeHans Werner Henzes musical roots lay in Braunschweig, the place of origin of the Grotrian instruments. This is where he started his musical education at the municipal school of music. After his studies in Heidelberg he collected experience in Italy, Austria and the United States. Henze created a wide-ranging spectrum of compositions which makes him one of the most played contemporary composers. From chamber music via oratorios to song cycles, many of his compositions were formed on his Grotrian grand.