World of work

Groupphoto Factory

Guiding principle

The family-owned company, Grotrian-Steinweg has maintained the value of a continuous piano construction tradition for more than 180 years without any compromises:

We concentrate on the handmade production of instruments made of fine materials, exclusively in the parent plant in Braunschweig.

Currently, we employ 60 employees that produce approximately 500 premium-class instruments on a annually basis.

The company Grotrian-Steinweg stands for:


Our customers expect instruments that combine a high level of utility with a long service life. A price level that is in line with the market, timely deliveries and a high level of product quality that is above the average make our company distinguished. Thereby, we continuously keep our quality criteria under check and optimise it wherever possible.


Our instruments are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Thereby, it is important that the functionality of our instruments in all climate zones throughout the world is insured by means of individual requirements that are perfected with regard to workmanship.


Growth and prosperity results from innovation Stagnation signifies taking a step backward. Along with their employees, we pursue the concept of always critically scrutinising the processes and products throughout our company and defining new standards. It is only in this way that profitability and the quality edge of our company can be preserved.


With our instruments, we strive to be among the leading providers on the general market. Only those that can claim to be among the highest quality manufacturers will be prevail in the face of competition. We respect the success of our competitors. At the same time, they represent an incentive for us to improve.